Product Name :

UET / UPT Series

Product Description
UV Tape / UV Dicing Tape(Film) / UV Irradiation Tape(Film)
Product Introduction
♠  Used with UV light exposure (with certain wave length), the adhesion is greatly reduced
(irreversible reaction), the object is then easily removed/ picked up after operation.
♠  Good for dicing and heat resistant purposes.
♠  Used in wafer grinding、chip dicing、MLCC cutting、LED or semiconductor dicing.
 Anti-static version is available.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionPhysical PropertyApplications
UET101 PET Film Total Thickness 125 um  Semiconductor dicing
Before UV 2 ↑  kg/in.
After UV 0.03 ↓  kg/in.
UET501 PET Film Total Thickness 70 um
Before UV 1 ↑  kg/in.
After UV 0.05 ↓ kg/in.
UPT155 PO Film Total Thickness 170 um
Before UV 1.2 ↑  kg/in.
After UV 0.05 ↓  kg/in.
UPT152-3 PO Film Total Thickness 125 um
Before UV 1.5 ↑  kg/in.
After UV 0.05 ↓  kg/in.
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