Product Name :

KAL Series

Product Description

QFN Tape  /Polyimide PI Tape / PCB Masking / QFN Back Tape / Kapton Tape / High Temperature
Application / Heat Press Tape / FPC Tape

Product Introduction
♠  Used in QFN molding process, to avoid EPOXY bleeding.
♠  Polyimide film coated with specially formulated silicone adhesive. Consistent, Stable at high temperature, leaves no residue.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionPhysical PropertyApplications
KAL278 PI Film Total Thickness 33 um QFN molding process
Adhesive Strength   50-150  g/in.
Release force 3↓  g/in.
KAL279 PI Film Total Thickness 35 um QFN molding process
Adhesive Strength   100-250  g/in.
Release force 3↓  g/in.

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