Product Name :

LE Series

Product Description
UV Low energy version
Product Introduction
♠ Used with UV light exposure (with certain wave length), the adhesion is greatly reduced
(irreversible reaction), the object is then easily removed/ picked up after operation.
♠ Good for dicing and heat resistant purposes.
♠ Used in wafer grinding, chip dicing, MLCC cutting, LED or semiconductor dicing.
 Anti-static version is available.
 Low energy release, speed up the production process.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionPhysical PropertyApplications
UPT143LE PO Film Total Thickness 170 um  Dicing, grinding, great expansion
Before UV 2.5  kg/in.
After UV 0.03  kg/in.
proimages/Product_2020/Hot_white.pngUPT152LE PO Film Total Thickness 175 um Dicing, grinding
Before UV 1.8 ↑  kg/in.
After UV 0.03 ↓  kg/in.
proimages/Product_2020/Hot_white.pngUPT805-4LE PO Film Total Thickness 90 um Dicing, grinding, great expansion
Before UV 0.3 ↑  kg/in.
After UV 0.05 ↓  kg/in.
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