Product Name :

POL Series

Product Description
Wafer Back griniding / Wafer thinning / Wafer Dicing
Product Introduction
♠  High flatness and great elongagtion for wafer back grinding / thinning protection.
♠  This series of models are usually custom made, please contact us for your inquiry.
Product CodeProduct DescriptionPhysical PropertyApplications
proimages/Product_2020/Hot_white.pngPOL143 PO Film Total Thickmess 170 um Wafer grinding / thinnig
Adhesion 0.15 kg/in.
proimages/Product_2020/Hot_white.pngPOL146 PO Film Total Thickness 170 um
Adhesion  0.35  kg/in.
proimages/Product_2020/Hot_white.pngPOL803-2 PO Film Total Thickness 95 um Wafer dicing or Lift-off cleaning
Adhesion 0.2 kg/in.
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