Product Name :

Electronic Device Packaging Industry

Product Introduction

Electronic components are the main elements in electronic wiring, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, and diodes. If these components encounter electro static or electricity discharge, the voltage or current may effect and cause the malfunction. In conclusion, the packaging method of the components would be important, not only to avoid damage during transportation, but also to provide anti static function. Solar Plus Company’s anti static tapes are applied on component packaging, giving customers the best solution.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionPhysical PropertyApplications
SAT231 Antistatic tape Total thickness 52 um Clean room packaging, antistatic packaging
Backing Thickness 23 um
Adhesion 0.7~1.0 kg/inch
Antistatic value 10^10 Ω
SPTPE Stationery Tape Total Thickness 41 um Cleanroom stationery sealing purposes
Backing Thickness 25 um
Adhesion 0.5↑ kg/inch
FAT33 Utensils Tape Total Thickness 67 um 3C electronic products, transport temporarily, stick fixed to avoid displacement
Backing Thickness 36 um
Adhesion 0.6↑ kg/inch